Man Immediately Puts His Car Up For Sale To Save His Sick Dog’s Life

Gemini has been living with his owner Randy for some time now. In fact, the two have been together ever since Gemini was just a little puppy. They have the sort of bond that cannot be broken, no matter what! That is what makes this story such a special one. Randy recently found out that he might lose his friend and he was not willing to let him go without a fight.

This is what pet ownership is all about. In a world full of people who are willing to neglect their pet’s needs to make sure that their own are taken care of, we love to see owners like Randy. It all started when Gemini was innocently playing with his owner and his girlfriend. Randy’s girlfriend has a baby of her own and the child thought it was funny to toss their bottle at Gemini.

It was all in good fun, until Gemini began to gnaw at the bottle. Sadly, he became very ill soon after. His dad did not realize that he had consumed some of the bottle until it was too late. Now, he is doing everything in his power to make sure that his precious dog is saved. “He started to slow down and I didn’t think that was normal,” says Randy.

Once the dog started to vomit, Randy realized that the animal was going to need medical assistance. The vet’s office was at a loss for what was taking place when Randy first arrived on the scene. Randy spent his time driving from office to office, desperately searching for solutions. Can you believe that he even lost his job in the process?

This is one of the scariest things that Randy ever had to go through, in his own words. At long last, he found a vet who was able to isolate the problem. The bad news was that the blockage that was causing his pain would cost over $4,000 to repair. Of course, Randy did not have that type of money laying around. He put his car up for sale to raise the funds needed to pay for the procedure.

Street Outreach Animal Response heard about the issue and decided to donate $3,000 towards the animal’s surgery! A friend of Randy’s offered a $2,000 loan. This allowed Gemini to receive the help he needed and his father was able to keep his car after all. Gemini made it through the surgery and is now on the mend. We wish him and Randy nothing but good health and happiness going forward.

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