Man Rescues Lost ‘Hamster’ Then Realizes She Isn’t What She Seems

We are suckers for mistaken identity stories. These types of tales never fail to amuse us and for good reason. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned mystery? Sanna Drogset Børstad works for a newspaper known as iTromso. When she was first given this assignment, she did not expect all that much to come of it. The assignment seemed to be rather mundane in nature.

Jostein Hansen had sent in an e-mail. He wanted some help when it came to locating a pet that had been lost. He was in the process of dropping off his child at school when he first noticed the animal. Jostein saw a hamster that was in need of help and decided to alert the newspaper. He ran out to grab the hamster before the animal was struck by an oncoming car.

The hamster was stored in his glove box in the meantime. Sanna did not expect to receive a reward for her efforts but she was willing to check this story out anyway. She admits that she was not exactly thrilled to be assigned this story. Once she learned that the man had a pet of his own at home, her demeanor changed. Sanna was worried. She wondered if the animal belonged to some local children.

However, neither of them could have ever expected how this story would unfold. They took the rescue rodent to a local pet store to find out more. The good folks at Animal Protection Norway were more than happy to intervene. They expected to be told that someone was in the process of trying to track down their lost pet. What happened next will stun you.

As it turns out, this animal was not actually a hamster at all. It was a case of mistaken identity. The creature was a Norway lemming. These wild rodents are not exactly looking for a forever home to call their own. Jostein had meant well, though. Little did he know that he was actually removing a wild animal from their chosen habitat.

In his defense, these rodents do seem to look a lot like the average household hamster. Jostein knew that he had to release the animal back into the wild as soon as possible. This story seemed like a run of the mill pet rescue but it became so much more. No one can blame this man for trying his best to help out, right? Please be sure to share this hilarious story with your friends and loved ones.

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