Man Tests Theory That Vans Always ‘Land On The Sole’ And The Results Are Crazy

Things have been going viral online for years but now that it’s 2019, the results are easy to see when they happen quickly. It’s a mixture of people being curious and the content being just strange enough for people to pass it along.

We can probably think of many viral videos that have occurred recently but a new trend seems to be catching on and it is passed around on social media like a plate of biscuits at the dinner table. It has to do with Vans shoes, the laceless, black and white checkered footwear that everybody had at one time.

The theory is rather interesting. Regardless of how you throw a pair of Vans, they are always going to land on the sole.

A Twitter user by the name of Bernard Pereda has now tested it and uploaded the results. He didn’t just do it once or twice, he did it 10 times and you have to see the results to believe it. Those results showed that Vans will always land on the sole, regardless of the shoe, throwing style or circumstances.

Since being released, it has received almost 200,000 likes and has been viewed more than 6 million times. People are even posting their own videos to confirm the theory in the comments.

One person wrote: “So I seen this Van theory on twitter and decided to stop what I’m doing in class and test it out…IT REALLY WORKS PEOPLE.”

There may be some examples that people will use to ‘disprove’ the theory but evidence suggests that it stands up to its claim, a thrown Van will end up on its foot, just like cats and buttered toast.

Maybe you should dig your Vans out of the closet and try it for yourself.

It is thought that this phenomenon may occur because the soles are heavier, meaning gravity will pull them down first.

This isn’t the bottle flip challenge, the weight is not evenly distributed so you just give it a nice, clean toss. It’s all about physics.

When the bottle flip challenge was started and became popular in 2016, a bottle that was expertly flipped ended up on eBay and somebody actually bid $11,000 for it.

Admittedly, the guy’s signature was on it and perhaps they were actually going for the signature. Now we just need to see how much some flipped Vans will sell for online.

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