Military Dog Torn Away From Soldier Only To Hear Him Yell Her Name Two Years Later

When the military allows their members to mingle with service dogs, they always issue the same warning: do not get too attached because this is not a forever partnership. While it is easy to nod along to these instructions, following them is not nearly as simple. Resisting the spell of an adorable dog once they have locked eyes with you is a tall order.

Even soldiers who mean well are still prone to get attached to the military dogs that they meet along the way. It can be lonely to be so far from home and all of your loved ones. A soldier may not have anyone else to talk to. Sergeant Jason Bos recently went through these sorts of difficulties when he was forced to depart from his partner.

He and Cici had become the best of friends. She is a chocolate Labrador who served multiple purposes during Jason’s tour of duty. Jason valued her company and her protection but he was sent home with a back injury, this appeared to be the end of the line. They had spent five years together and now, their time was going to be up.

This is just how it works when you are a member of our nation’s armed forces. While we are all readily aware of the sacrifices that are often made by the soldiers who protect us, we are not always aware of the sheer gravity of these sacrifices. These two spent a hundred missions together and their bond was difficult to deny.

That is what makes the following clip such a special one. Cici is a bomb-sniffing dog and she missed the sergeant dearly when they were forced to part ways. Since her skills were so crucial, she remained on active duty until she reached old age. Mission K9 Rescue and the Humane Society came together to make this reunion possible.

The O’Hare International Airport in Chicago was the site of this reunion and we would like to take this time to urge you to grab your Kleenex. You will have a hard time making it through this clip without them, we do not care how tough you may think you are. These two are definitely soulmates. You can tell how much they missed each other as soon as they embrace. We hope that these two will never have to be apart again!

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