Millennials Are Stopped On The Street To See If They Can Open A Can Of Paint, Fail Miserably

Millennials seem to be the reoccurring butt of most jokes these days, and last night on an episode of “Kimmel”, they were once again the focus of trolling. A can of paint was brought out to the streets, along with a collection of tools.

Only one of the tools provided was needed to open the can of paint: the screwdriver. If the screwdriver wasn’t used then pliers or anything with a thin wedge would work in order to pry the can open.

The technology for opening a can of paint hasn’t changed, but viewers were able to watch as young people struggled to get the paint can open.

So the question stands now, are millennials killing paint as well? As we saw in the video, the guy from Mississippi was quite confident in his ability to open a can of paint, but then he ended up not succeeding at the task in front of him.

Is the inability to open the paint can a sign that our society is doomed? Doubtful as the milliennials featured were probably handpicked edits out of the many others that passed by that were probably able to open the can in seconds without an issue.

If you know anyone that struggles with basic household repair tasks, like opening paint cans, you may want to send them this video just as a reminder that they’re not alone.

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