Mom Cuts Her Grass Wearing Baby Carrier When Police Car Pulls Up And Tells Her To Stop

If there’s one thing that mothers are good at doing, it is multitasking. They just seem to have a list that is so long, sometimes you need to do more than one thing at a time to make it more manageable.

Some people refer to these mothers as supermoms, but regardless of whether they are doing laundry, washing dishes, taking care of the dog or kissing a boo-boo, it seems as if they are able to do it all at one time. It’s really impressive when you see it in action.

Even though supermoms are great at multitasking, they still have their struggles from time to time. That is the case with Rachel Brindley, a mother of three who cares for the home and her children. As any mother with multiple children can tell you, doing everything can be quite a chore.

Rachel’s husband also helps around the home but he was busy on a project and didn’t have time to mow the lawn. Rachel loves mowing, so she put her four-month-old in a front facing infant carrier, strapped it on and headed out to grab the mower.

“It was a nice day out and so I thought I’d help my husband out and cut it myself. I enjoy cutting the grass.”

That is when the Madison County Sheriff’s office pulled into the driveway. When Rachel saw the cop car, she was afraid she had done something wrong. Panic set in quickly.

She later admitted her feelings on Facebook:

“Y’all I thought I was about to get in trouble or something…”

As it turns out, the police officer did stop because he saw Rachel mowing with a baby but it wasn’t for the reason she thought.

“…this sweet sheriff stopped and insisted on mowing my yard for me!!”

This cop just couldn’t pass by without stopping. He knew that she needed a hand and he knew he could mow her lawn. That’s exactly what he did.

Ryan later told the local news station that he couldn’t believe what the police officer did for them. They were grateful for this act of kindness.

“It’s small in nature, but was a huge help to my wife today.”

We have to give kudos to this awesome deputy. Rachel posted her story online and it has been shared tens of thousands of times.

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