Mom Gets Disinvited To Her Son’s Wedding After His Fiancé Sees Her Dress

Stop to think about the amount of time that is poured into planning for the wedding day. It is one of the biggest days of our life and it is one that we will look back on for many years to come. The planning takes place so that the day goes off without any serious problems but unfortunately, you can’t always keep those problems from occurring. This is seen in the story about this one woman who had to deal with her son’s fiancé.

The woman went on social media to reveal what had taken place. Her son and his fiancée had a whirlwind romance and a wedding had been planned for the fall. The mother was happy and went to buy a new dress but the base of the dress was a cream color. His fiancée did not want any cream in the dresses. The woman said that she would change the dress but the fiancé was so upset that she disinvited her future mother-in-law to the wedding.

The mother was curious if she was being unreasonable.

She wants other parents to chime in on the situation so she posted it in a popular forum. Her question was, was she being unreasonable?

“To say I’m upset is an understatement and he has not been in touch,” she added.

She also included a picture of the dress that was cream with gray and pink flowers.

Many people chimed in to say that the fiancé was way out of line. One even says that she felt sorry for the son!

Some of the advice included telling her to stand her ground because “pandering to her seems wrong.”

“Hopefully your son will see sense and not allow it,” said another.

Although she had a lot of support, there were also some who felt that she was skipping some pertinent facts. One person even said that there must be more to ‘this dress issue’.

Another wanted to know why she was taking so long to pick out a new dress.

Somebody else said that the issue may be her having a problem with her future daughter-in-law.

It sometimes difficult to know how to read between the lines but perhaps a heart-to-heart conversation is in order. Let’s just say it’s better to suck it up and buy a dress than to skip the wedding altogether.

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