Mom Goes To Clinic For ‘Routine’ Cheek Swab Then Learns That A Stranger Gave Birth To Her Baby

Anni Manukyan had gone through quite an ordeal to give her daughter a sibling. Over $120,000 had been spent on IVF attempts but they failed. That is when a call came in from the fertility clinic.

The person on the other end of the line asked Anni to come in for a routine cheek swab.

Ashot, Anni’s husband was suspicious about the call. He thought that it was strange they would call with such a request and he was right.

What eventually was learned is that a woman from Queens, New York had gone to the same fertility clinic prior to delivering what was thought to be twin boys. Little did she know that the boys were not biological twins, one of them was actually an embryo belonging to Anni and Ashot.

Two different embryos had been implanted into the mother from different families, one of them being an embryo from the Manukyans! Although they revealed the mistake, they wouldn’t share any additional details with Anni and Ashot.

As you can imagine, an attorney was contacted. It was determined that the baby boy born to the woman from Queens actually was the biological child of the Manukyans.

To complicate matters even further, the mother who gave birth to the child in Queens had bonded with the baby as if he were her own. She sent a letter to the Manukyans to try to keep both of her children together.

“I kiss his little feet every day,” she said, according to the New York Post. “I give him a bath. I breast fed him. We’re their true parents and we’re the ones who want to be with him. We love them, they’re ours and they’re twins, they shouldn’t be separated.”

The case landed in court, with the birth mother and the Manukyans meeting together in an emotionally charged setting.

You can see more in the video below, including the decision of the judge. You also learn why the Manukyans are trying to have the fertility clinic shut down.

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