Mom Snaps A Photo Of Exhausted 7-Year-Old, Then Her Friend Notices What’s Clinging To Her Leg

If you are anything like us, then your mother is something of a hero to you. The amount of sacrifice that our mothers make is incredible and it can be hard for us to find the right way to show our appreciation to them. If not for all of the hard work that they do each day, our lives would never be the same. They always put themselves last and dedicate their entire lives to our happiness.

Worst of all, a mother’s job is never over. The average mother is lucky if she is able to get a decent night’s sleep before she is forced to deal with the latest round of parental requirement. A mother deserves to receive recognition for all the work that she puts in. Sam is a mother of five and her daughter Lainie is the oldest of these children.

Lainie has become something of an assistant mother to the other children and she loves to pitch in around the house. Even though she is just seven years old, she helps out as much as possible. On Halloween, she did not want to dress up as a princess or even a ballerina. Her costume choice definitely attracted a lot of attention and went viral almost immediately.

She used a doll, some makeup and a customized costume to create a look that will have you roaring with laughter. The costume is called “exhausted mother” and we cannot even begin to express our level of joy at this little girl’s unique choice. Lainie is letting the world know that she recognizes just how hard life can be for a mother like hers.

Having the baby doll wrapped around her leg is a nice touch. It is great to see a little girl who already pays so much attention to detail. In a world where children often allow themselves to become far too entitled, we are happy that one special child has decided to show appreciation. Halloween is one of the most fun times of year for all of us. Costumes like these are a big part of the reason why.

If you found this costume as adorable as we did, please be sure to pass this awesome story along. We are more than certain that Lainie will make an excellent mother to her own children one day. Take a moment to share these photos with your friends and loved ones.

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