Mom Who Held The ‘Cruelest Birthday Party’ At Build-A-Bear Still Thinks She Wasn’t Wrong

A mother recently went on Reddit to talk about a birthday party she was asked to attend. It was the strangest party she had ever seen after the mother in charge made a rather awkward decision that negatively affected the children.

Most children would agree that there is nothing quite like going to a birthday party. It gives you the opportunity to run around and act crazy with your friends, not to mention the junk food you get to eat.

Sometimes, birthday parties will be relatively mild but at other times, the family will rent out a large facility or perhaps a bowling alley and go all out for more fun.

For this particular birthday party, it may have seemed fun at first but it soon turned sour.

The guests were taken to the Build-a-Bear Workshop which offers children the opportunity to do something awesome. They can build a customized stuffed animal and add all of the accessories they want.

Before they went to build the stuffed animals, they went to the mall and got some pizza at the food court.

After they finished their meals they all went to the Build a Bear store and were told they could create any bear they desired. Apparently, the parents also were asked to chip in some money because they can get a little expensive. This mother had asked her daughter to keep things relatively simple but she still chipped in $30. It would build a bear and give it some clothing but would not add all of the accessories.

The children were busy having fun building the bears and when they were finished, things started to get weird.

As they were leaving the store, the mother told the kids that they had to hand over the bears to the birthday girl as a part of her gift.

Things didn’t go quite as well as she probably expected. Some of the kids didn’t want to part with their new stuffed animals so the mother would actually take it out of their hands. Others agreed to hand them over but they weren’t very happy about it.

Perhaps the worst part is that the event at Build a Bear was only the first part of the party. They were then going to head over and celebrate at the birthday girl’s home.

The mother who posted this on Reddit wanted to know if she was out of line considering this to be in poor taste.

Needless to say, almost everybody who commented agreed that it was a ‘cruel’ trick to play on the children and it was in no way a normal part of a birthday party.

Some were even saying they should talk to the other parents about the issue.

It seems that the woman telling the story decided to confront the mother, whom she named Karen (not her real name).

I guess it was an awkward exchange.

The conversation soon escalated and it became apparent that ‘Karen’ didn’t want to continue with the conversation. It seems that she just walked away.

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