Mom’s Incredible Reflexes Saved Her Son’s Life As He Fell Off Balcony

There’s something to be said about the motherly instinct. A mother was caught on CCTV footage saving her child’s life with unbelievably quick reaction time. In a split second before her son fell off a fourth-floor balcony, the mother managed to grab him by the leg and pull him back to safety, thus saving his life.

According to the local paper El Espactador in the footage, the mom and son can be seen waiting outside a Monserrate Construction Company office door, inside the Laureles Colonial building, which is in Medellín, Colombia.

In the video, the little boy curiously wanders towards the railing, where he puts his hands out to what he thinks is a glass panel between the railings. However, he collapses to his knees, where he falls head first through the gap.

His mother, having only taken her eyes off her child for a few seconds, glances up from her phone and immediately springs into action – leaping forward and grabbing onto his leg and pulling him back to safety.

While there hasn’t been confirmation yet as to whether or not the boy was injured in the accident, the video clip definitely makes you think about what could’ve happened had his mom not saved him in time.

Following the boy’s fall, the video shows other workers running towards the woman, helping with her child to pull him back over the barrier. A delivery man, who can be seen exiting the elevator, runs downstairs, presumably in anticipation of the child falling, or to seek further assistance.

The video was posted to Reddit. There, opinions were divided with some people praising her quick actions, and others blaming her for not paying close attention. There were others still, who felt she should sue the company for not making the landing more safe.  

One person posted, “Considering that there should be either glass or rails… this is a lawsuit waiting to happen.”

While another said, “It looks like there should have been glass. At first glance the mom would have probably thought glass too…”

And a third just felt happy with the fact that everyone was safe, writing, “I’m impressed how quickly both the mom and the guy in the helmet reacted. The bike messenger thought to go down the stairs nearly by instinct. Glad there was a good outcome.”

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