Mom’s Before-And-After Photos Show What Having Twins Via C-Section Does To Your Body

Kylee Austin is the proud mother of twins but before delivering the babies, she was a successful fitness coach. She even competed in a number of different bikini competitions.

At that time, she was very confident about her health and her body but motherhood was about to change everything. First, Kylee gave birth to her son, Tristan. Her second pregnancy was with twins. This Arizona mother’s body was changing quickly.

In the 38th week of pregnancy with the twins, her labor was induced. They were in the breech position at that time. She was mentally and physically prepared to have a vaginal birth but after 24 hours of labor, the doctors informed her that an emergency C-section was necessary.

Kylee was terrified at the prospect of having this operation. It was the first time that she can remember ever not having control of her body.

After Keegan and Kayden arrived, Kylee was put into recovery and was struggling to accept the ‘new reality’ of her body. It included excess skin and stretch marks, where at one time, there was a toned, muscular abdominal region.

Kylee decided that she was not going to hide her body from the world. She shared pictures online of her post-pregnancy body, including bare stomach photographs in exercise outfits posted on her Instagram account.

She was thinking that the pictures would help other new mothers to deal with any body issues they were experiencing.

Much of the feedback that she received was supportive and positive but there were also some negative comments that appeared on the scene as well. The photograph of her ‘twin-bump’ got some of the worst comments. They included comments, such as: “Oh no, I cannot believe you put that on social media,” and “That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.”

Kylee was ready with a message for every hater on Instagram. You can see it in this video:

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