Monopoly Releases New Version ​With Voice Controlled Banker So You Can’t Cheat

Monopoly – a family favorite that’s been causing drama since it was first introduced back in the 1930s. It has also seen plenty of variations of the game, such as boards set around the world, or one inspired by films and TV shows. 

But the latest addition to the Monopoly expansion is probably the most exciting, since it features a voice-controlled AI banker – which makes it impossible to cheat. 

That’s right, one can no longer “accidently” grab an extra hundred for passing Go, or overcharge people who land on your space, because this game is onto you.

In Monopoly, the Voice Banking is an electronic black top hat in the middle of the board that not only manages your money, but also handles real estate transactions, pays rent, draws chance cards, and lots more – all as a result of the power voice commands. 

The new game no longer includes physical cash, so there’s no more  throwing your money up in the air when you win. Besides that, the game sounds like it’s pretty much the same game that we all know and love. But this new version also may actually speed up the game, which can be good news for anyone who gets bored of the game dragging on for five hours. 

The game description reads, “The Monopoly voice banking game features lights and sounds, and comes with an interactive Mr. Monopoly banking unit. The iconic Monopoly top hat is voice-activated and the personality of Mr. Monopoly really shines as he handles all of the transactions. He keeps tabs on players’ money and properties so there’s no cash or cards to think about. Talk to Mr. Monopoly and he responds. For instance, press your TOKEN’s button and say, ‘Buy St. James place.’ Mr. Monopoly will track The transaction, keeping the game moving. With the Monopoly voice game, players travel around the board aiming to be the person with the most money and highest property value to win!”

It is suitable for players over the age of eight, and you can get it at

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