‘Moon Brows’ are the latest online beauty trend

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and this trend definitely makes sense of that. We present: Moon Brows.

Yes, the name is exactly what you think it might be.

But no, they’re not the best idea.

However, there’s an understandably twisted story behind the moon brow trend.

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@hudakattan with Moon Brows ????

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Thankfully, they’re not as popular as they appear to be – being really only the photographed product of artist and modeling agent owner, Stefan James.

Before establishing Skyz Agency, James had an Instagram page, which was dedicated to bizarre trends for both beauty and style, @skyzedits, which had “comparisons between natural beauty and makeup, with an aim to highlight public interpretations of beauty in today’s society.”

“I gained some amazing friends and connections with the models who I did the edits of and now I personally manage them,” James explained.

Speaking to UNILAD, James stated he created the moon brows following when Instagram influencer Hayley Bui told him how much she loves the moon.

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Moon Brows ????

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He confessed, “I just turned it into an eyebrow style as editing is my thing.”

While you’d expect negative reactions to moon brows to, they’ve proved to be quite divisive, with some social media users saying they “love” the trend, with others branding moon brows “weird” and “scary”.

“It’s all about creativity for me,” James said about his creation. “I guess closed minded people don’t really like to see change. However, we’re living in a new era and being creative and thinking outside the box is probably one of the best things.”

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