Movie Theater Replaces All Of Their Seats With Double Beds

Have you ever wished that you had a movie screen in your bedroom? It seems as if it is closer to reality than most of us realized. In Switzerland, a cinema is allowing us to get close to that dream by opening a ‘VIP bedroom’ screen complete with double beds instead of standard theater seats.

If you are looking for this theater anomaly, you will find it inside Cinema Pathé in Switzerland, located near the Swiss-German border in the northwesterly municipality of Spreitenbach. I don’t know about you, but my bags are already packed.

The Cinema Pathé in Switzerland is offering a unique and Uber-comfortable way to watch movies at their theater.

Image Credit: 20Min |Pathé Schweiz

You will find 11 beds, all with gray and beige sheets, two pillows and adjustable head rests on the inside. Side tables are also included to ensure you have someplace to keep your popcorn.

VIP tickets are also available at the cinema, and they come complete with the double bed and free food.

Image Credit: 20Min |Pathé Schweiz

You can expect to pay around $48.50 for a ticket, but it does include a drink and free food. A standard ticket goes for around $19. When you opt for the VIP ticket, you also don’t have to wait in line to get your drinks or snacks.

There are other benefits that also come with the VIP ticket.

Image Credit: 20Min |Pathé Schweiz

In order to enhance the moviegoing experience, the cinema provides slippers and there are also new food offerings on the way, including crapes and waffles.

Double sofas are also featured in the cinema.

Image Credit: 20Min |Pathé Schweiz

Additional VIP experiences include double sofas and a 350 capacity IMAX screen. If you are concerned about hygiene, Venanzio Di Bacco said that the sheets are changed between the films and: “The hygiene aspect is very important to us.”

Little moviegoers also get their own area to play.

Image Credit: 20Min |Pathé Schweiz

It isn’t all about the adults enjoying the cinema, the cinema area for children includes a ball pit, beanbags and a slide to get back down the stairs again. A ticket for children is around $14.

Cinema Pathé opened in Spreitenbach on May 9.

Image Credit: 20Min |Pathé Schweiz

The CEO also added: “The offer is unique in Switzerland. But we tested the concept abroad and had no problems so far.”

h/t: BoredPanda

More info: Pathé Schweiz

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