Neglected Pig Locked Up In A Barn For 11 Years Wags Her Tail For The First Time

This poor pig has spent over a decade suffering. No animal should ever be subjected to such a fate but this pig has been through it all. Anna is her name and she has a sad story to tell. She was found locked inside of a barn. No one had tended to her in ages. Her hooves had grown to the point where she could not take a single step without feeling the pain.

Anna was experiencing a litany of health issues. Poor eyesight, bad skin, arthritic bones, you name it. The poor animal did not even know what the touch of a human being felt like. She had never spent time playing with other animals. She had lived a life of isolation and was robbed of all these special moments that humans and animals normally experience.

Most do not realize that the pig tends to be a social creature by nature. They do not like to spend lots and lots of time alone like this. They treasure the moments that they get to spend with other living creatures like few animals do. Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary finally rescued the pig from her makeshift prison and provided her with a whole new lease on life.

Happy happy happy happy happy! Tears of joy! My first win with Anna! Precious girl with a beautiful soul and I can see a jewel of a personality. She’s just never had a chance to let that jewel shine!

Posted by Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary on Monday, December 4, 2017

Carla Reilly Moore is the founder of the sanctuary. Ralphy’s Retreat Sanctuary put the initial call in and let her know what was taking place. The pig’s former owners were eventually captured as well. They will now be facing a series of charges for their neglectful behavior. Abandonment, criminal neglect, and animal cruelty are included among these charges.

Anna’s old age made her future prognosis somewhat grim, though. It was going to be hard for the old girl to survive after everything that she had endured. She was taken to the vet’s office by Carla soon after her arrival. The broken hooves were fixed and she got a nice, warm bath. Once she was given the care she needed, her true personality started to shine through.

I realize I’m flooding the feed with videos and information on Anna. I hope that’s OK! We will get back to our regular scheduled programming soon LOL! The transformation has been unbelievable! I really have no words and I’ve never seen an animal turn around this quickly. Anna is eating grapes from my hand, resting her head on my leg while I give her love, allowing me to scratch her and give her belly rubs, and allowing me to touch her face!Anna clearly knows she is now safe and what we’ve all done for her. She’s coming over to me for attention. I just don’t have words for my emotions! Thank you. Thank you to each and every one of you who have cared and you have been so generous! We will be equipping Hannah’s stall with some heating because she has no hair, as well as some better lighting!She’s going to require extra veggies to ensure she’s getting a very healthy diet, we have 11 years to make up for!

Posted by Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary on Thursday, December 7, 2017

Her transformation is incredible and Carla is now taking the time to share the journey with the rest of the world. If you would like to see more of Anna’s new lifestyle, be sure to check out this awesome video that was posted on Facebook. We are glad to see such a rapid turnaround. Anna may have been imprisoned before but her spirit remained free. She is now being given the chance to be the pig that everyone knew she could be!

I am way past my data allowance, and this is costing a fortune to post, but I needed you to see it! My camera also ran out of space while videoing, but right now Anna is walking around the entire barn and looks like her and Nelly are going to be friends!Get your tissues ready! Also, her first Tailwag was captured in this video! If you don’t know this already, pigs wag their tails like dogs when they’re happy and content. She has not wagged her tail up until this very moment!

Posted by Happy Tails Farm Sanctuary on Saturday, December 9, 2017

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