New Law Allows Pets To Be Buried Alongside Their Humans At Cemeteries

Humans who were looking to be buried with their pets used to have very few options available to them. If they wanted to be buried with their fur babies, they were relegated to the pet cemetery. Those who had been monitoring the situation always found this interesting. If humans had the chance to be buried at a pet cemetery, why shouldn’t animals be able to reside in human cemeteries?

The state of New York has decided to put a stop to this practice. A new law has been passed that finally allows pet owners to bring their fur babies along with them to the great beyond. The law covers a wide range of animals as well. Even if you do not own a dog or cat, you will still have the chance to be buried alongside your most beloved pets going forward.

What an awesome decision on New York’s part. Religious cemeteries are exempt from the ruling and individual cemeteries still have the right to refuse pets if they so choose. One Westchester County pet cemetery reports that at least five humans choose to be buried at this location each year. This is how they are able to spend eternity with their loved ones.

We support this choice and are glad that pet owners finally get the chance to rest in peace alongside the animals that brought them so much joy. After all, why should humans be allowed in pet cemeteries if the reverse is not true? Pets are family members and they should always be treated as such. There is no reason to make such a distinct separation.

We hope that other states are also willing to follow suit. Gone are the days of having to sneak a pet into the cemetery. Humans used to rely on their family members to perform these sorts of dangerous tasks. Now, there is no sneaking necessary. You can plan to spend all of eternity with your pet if you so choose, as long as you reside in the state of New York.

The cemetery must also be willing to approve. Be sure to share this amazing development with all of your friends and loved ones who wish to be buried with their pet. In a world that is always full of new laws that are confusing to the average person, it is nice to see a law that actually applies to our daily concerns.

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