New Law Requires Changing Tables In Men’s Restrooms

Over the past few months, the state of New York has been passing various new laws. This tends to be pretty standard procedure for the most part. However, there is a new law that is making fathers all over the state jump for joy. It may not seem like a very important law to those without children but rest assured, dads are most definitely celebrating these helpful new rules.

Gone are the days when the changing table was a staple of the ladies’ room and nowhere else. Lawmakers are finally getting with the times and realizing that dads are parents, too! Starting on January 1st, these dads will no longer have to worry about tracking down a changing table during those crucial moments that we all fear as parents.

This law is not just for single dads or divorced parents, though. This law acknowledges the fact that both parents can remain equally invested in the childcare process. Dads can no longer slough off changing duties when the family is out to eat. The old excuses are long gone. The rights of the working parent need to remain protected and we are happy that these laws were passed.

Hopefully, any state is still making their parents live in the Stone Age is taking notes and getting prepared to eventually follow suit. The Uniform Building Code in New York is also going to be changed, as a means of reflecting these new laws. Changing tables must be built in a manner that encourages maximum safety and compliance.

If a floor is publicly accessible, there needs to be at least one gender neutral changing table. Clear signage also must be posted that allows customers to find the changing table with relative ease. Parenting norms are changing and it is high time that the laws started to reflect that. Women do not have to do all of the parenting “work” any longer.

That is the way that it should be, right? Dads everywhere may have a reputation for being lazy and unwilling to help out but this stereotype ignores the fact that there are a wide range of fathers who love to pitch in. Thanks to this new law, these dads will no longer have to overcome a needless obstacle in order to do just that! Please be sure to pass this good news along to your friends and loved ones.

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