Oil Rig Workers Race To Save Terrified Dog Found Swimming 137 Miles Out To Sea

Workers off the coast of Thailand recently got an unexpected surprise. While they were working on an oil rig, a swimmer arrived on the scene. You would be forgiven for thinking that it was a sea creature of some kind. After all, that would make the most sense, right? However, they were quite shocked when they realized that a dog had their way into their midst.

A brown canine made their way to the rig. By the time the dog arrived, they were shivering like crazy. We cannot begin to imagine how long the animal swam for. There is still no indication as to how he got there. By the time he made it to the rig, all of his energy was drained. He was left to hold onto the rig for dear life and hope for the best.

“If he lost his grip, it would be very difficult to help him,” says Vitisak Payalaw. He is one of the rig workers that decided to assist the dog. While the staffers initially tried to provide him with a pole, this tactic did not work. The dog simply could not gain the necessary purchase. Payalaw knew that they would need to intervene quickly if they were going to save the animal’s life.

The poor dog was clearly terrified. The workers described his pleading eyes in great detail. He knew that this was going to be his last chance to get help before his body finally gave out. The dog was pulled from the waters by the workers and even given a brand new name: Boonrod. In local dialect, Boonrod translates to “survivor”.

Boonrod was finally given a chance to head back onto dry land after taking some time to rest. From there, he was taken to an animal clinic to check for injuries. We cannot believe that this dog was able to survive what took place and this is one of the most incredible stories that we have come across. It’s a survival story for the ages.

Watchdog Thailand is the charity that took him in and we are sure that the dog is beyond grateful for their help. He is going to be given a temporary place to live while he rests up and gets his strength back. If Boonrod does not receive any applicants who are looking to provide with a forever home, Payalaw has already said that he is more than willing to adopt his old friend. All’s well that ends well!

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