One-Legged Guy Creates Epic Halloween Costumes Every Year, Reveals His 2018 Costume

When Josh Sundquist was only 9 years old he heard that he had a devastating diagnosis: He had potentially terminal cancer. His chance of survival was pegged at only 50%. Frantic chemotherapy couldn’t prevent him from losing his left leg, but he was able to combat the cancer. When he was 13 he was was cancer free!

Josh decided to live life to the fullest and started ski-racing. He even went so far to represent the US National team in the Paralympics in Torino, Italy in 2006.

The experiences he had to endure also convinced him to become a motivational speaker. He became famous not only for his witty and emotional speeches and events, but also for his amazing Halloween costumes that cleverly incorporate his amputation.

Sundquist believes that the best way of dealing with his disability by showing a great sense of humor. He is comfortable with himself and the Halloween costumes are a way of celebrating who he is and what makes him different.

Every year his costumes are becoming more elaborate and he just revealed his costume for 2018.

2010 – Inspired by the movie Shrek. We always wondered what would happen if somebody took a bite out of the gingerbread man!

2012 – Based on a suggestion of his wife as a reference to “A Christmas Story”

2013 – Flamingos are really just like me…

2014 – A natural Fit: A foosball player

2015 – We all had that thought at one time or another

2016 – Disney’s famous monopod – Lumiere

2017 – Bouncing like Tigger

2018 – Genie from Aladdin

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Here’s my Halloween costume! I ain't never had friends like these to help create this project: ???? —Videography by @iJustine ????‍♀️ —Costume crafter Jenny Newman @jennernugen ???? —Invisible crutches custom make by Thomas Fetterman Inc ???? —Still photography @embracelifeadam ????‍???? —Genie consultant Broose Johnson ???? —Wish makers @makeawishamerica Also appearing ???? —Abu @MushuThePeke ????—Aladdin/magic carpet partner @unabashadly Check out this podcast for the full story of my Make-A-Wish trip to meet Broose Follow for more videos ???? (and future costumes!) @JoshSundquist

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