Owner Surrenders Senior Dog For Being Too ‘Stupid’ – Dog Finds Love With New Owner

There is something sad about being in the final stages of existence and not having anyone to love or care about you. Sadly, this is a fate that Figgy was subjected to once he began to age. The senior poodle has seen better days, for sure. He is without teeth, suffers from arthritis and cannot see. He is no spring chicken anymore and he has seen a lot in his 18 years.

Sadly, his owners decided that they were no longer willing to take care of him. He was surrendered just before the holidays. Figgy just wants someone to love and care about him. It seems as if this was too much to ask. His owners did not want to endure his decline. At least they saw fit to bring him to the good folks at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue.

Can you believe that the owners of this dog told Muttville Senior Dog Rescue that they did not want to keep him because he was too “stupid”? We are flabbergasted by this behavior. What would possess someone to own a senior dog and then decide to give them away? It is not their fault for aging. Most pet owners would kill to have their loved one live for this long.

Instead, these owners did not realize the blessing that they had. They took one look at his wobbly walk and elected to opt out of the senior dog ownership experience. It breaks our heart to see dogs that are used to having homes cast aside like this. Just imagine how scary it would be to lose your eyesight. Now imagine being evicted from the only home you have ever known.

Eileen was contacted to see if she would be willing to help. As an experienced hospice mother, she has handled dogs who have been abandoned on a regular basis. She knew that Figgy just needed a little bit of love and affection. We are glad to report that she fell in love with him right away. It did not take long before she decided to adopt him for herself.

These are the sorts of happy endings that we love most. While Figgy’s past owners may not have appreciated him properly, Eileen is not going to allow herself to fall victim to the same sort of mindset. Our senior dogs are worthy of affection and they deserve to spend their twilight years in comfort. Please check out Figgy’s video below and be sure to pass this story along!

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