Pathway In Copenhagen Forest Lets You Walk Among The Tree Tops

The Danes have always been know for their stylishly quirky designs, and lately they’ve created a bit of a stir with a new tourist attraction. It features a superb design, which gives visitors a very unique perspective on the surrounding countryside. They recently opened Camp Adventure Forest Tower, a structure which has an incredible panoramic view of the nearby forestland, including lakes, creeks, and wetlands. And the best part is the tower is an hour south of the capital city, Copenhagen.

An architectural firm came up with the design for a graceful spiral called EFFEKT. The company has shared many photos of the tower to their Instagram account.

The tower itself lies within the Gisselfeld Klosters Stove, a forest preserve, and it’s part of a brand new treetop walkway. It starts with a boardwalk that follows a creek, then the winding path turns into a bird’s eye view. And all along the way, it offers visitors many unique angles and perspectives.

The observation tower reaches an incredible 148 feet tall. In order to reach the highest point, visitors have to wander along a nearly 3,000-foot-long elevated boardwalk, which follows the shape of a spiral. It manages to give the public an accessible view of the forest, while also leaving the majority of the surrounding nature undisturbed.

For anyone visiting the new attraction it’ll feel like a walk in the clouds above treetops as they get to take in the stunning views of the forest. It also gives visitors a choice of two different routes to take, but ultimately they’ll both end at the tower once they come to Gisselfeld Klosters Stove.

The higher of the two routes meanders through the oldest section of the forest, and features a series of activities, which give visitors more information about the area. The lower of the two routes, which is connected to the tower, will take visitors through the younger parts of the forest.

The walkway adds to the existing activities already established at Camp Adventure Park, which is already an adventure sports facility with treetop climbing and aerial zip lines. However, what is special about this destination is the thought behind the design.

And the best part is, it’s accessible to everyone regardless of physical condition or limitations, as it’s a continuous ramp.

Denmark has such natural beauty, and with such well-planned pathways to enjoy them, it’s easy to see why it would be considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

Who would love to go see this new attraction? I know I’m already pricing out flights!

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