Patrick Stewart’s New Foster Dog Can’t Stop Smiling At Him

Sir Patrick Stewart may be well known for the wide range of roles that he has played over the course of his illustrious career. However, animal lovers are also well aware of the work that he has done to help animals in need. He was a foster father to Ginger back in 2017. Since then, she has been able to find a loving family to call her own.

Now, Stewart is lending a helping hand to another dog who could use some help. He recently introduced his Twitter followers to his new friend, Emma. We are absolutely swooning. What an adorable couple these two make! “She’s terribly sweet, and so, so good. Sensitive, intelligent, and gentle”, says Stewart. It only took a few days for these two to become bonded.

There is already footage of these two taking naps together. Emma’s grin is infectious and we cannot get over Patrick’s sleeping mask. Those who know how close Patrick was with Ginger might be expecting him to simply keep Emma. Unfortunately, he is unable to do so. He splits time between the United States and the United Kingdom. UK laws keep Stewart from being able to bring Emma back with him.

We wish that Patrick’s life would allow him to keep this adorable pup. Wouldn’t it be great to see a buddy comedy that starred this dynamic duo? That might be one of the greatest film franchises of our time. In the meantime, he is doing everything in his power to assist dogs in need and that is pretty darn neat. Who wouldn’t want a dog that previously lived with Patrick Stewart?

It would be nice if the UK relaxed this breed legislation but we understand the need for such laws. Thanks to Stewart’s sizable following, we are sure that there plenty of requests to take Emma home. She should be able to find a forever home in no time at all. Wags and Walks is taking applications from those who wish to adopt her at the present time.

There are a wide range of other sweet dogs on hand at Wags and Walks for would-be adopters to choose from. Be sure to stop by and take a closer look as soon as possible. If you cannot adopt a dog and you would like to provide a helpful donation, this is also acceptable. Please do not hesitate to pass this important story along to all of the dog lovers that you know.

You can apply to adopt Emma or another adorable pup from Wags and Walks.

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