People Called Them “Disgusting” But This Couple Just Celebrated Their 23rd Anniversary

Tommy and Maryanne are a lovely married couple and they reside in Southend-on-Sea, England. They are about to celebrate their 23rd anniversary and they have been through a long journey to get to this point. As a couple with Down Syndrome, they have been subject to a great deal of rude and nasty commentary from people who should most definitely know better than to speak that way.

Their marriage is a beautiful connection between two like minded people and that is the way that it should be. Lots of people struggle to understand their love but that is their problem, not theirs. Tommy and Maryanne met back in 1990. While she was 19 at the time and he was 32, the two hit it off immediately. The connection that existed between them was unbelievable.

Tommy is a quiet and shy person but Maryanne was able to draw him out of his shell. The two dated for 18 months before Tommy decided to propose. He used a ring that he had gotten out of a vending machine at first until Maryanne’s mother took him to the store to select a proper replacement. Some of their loved ones were nervous about the relationship initially.

It did not take long before they realized that the bond these two shared was a special one. Maryanne’s mother always said that she was not worried about what her daughter would be able to achieve. She was more worried that her daughter would live her whole life without ever finding someone that she could love. Now, she no longer has any reason to fret.

This is a bond that has already withstood the test of time. Their parents wanted their engagement to last for a long time so that they would be able to get to know one another. After a five year engagement, they happily tied the knot. It is believed that they may even be the very first couple of their kind. It was once frowned upon for two people with Down Syndrome to be wed.

Critics had a lot to say about their wedding but these empty words mean nothing to a couple that knows themselves as well as this one. Can you believe that people actually believed that this wedding was “disgusting”? Please share this fairy tale wedding story with your friends and loved ones. Let’s show the haters that true love will always win.

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