Pet Stores Caught Lying About Where Their Puppies Really Come From

A man entered a series of pet shops in New York recently and he had some very simple questions for each location to answer. These locations were responsible for selling kittens and puppies. He merely wanted to know where these pet shops were getting their animals from. Seems reasonable enough, right? He also wanted how often mothers were being bred and the sort of conditions that the animals were growing up in.

He did not receive the answers that he was looking for. Some of the shops tried to claim that they were receiving their animals from hobby breeders. These answers did not make much sense. That’s because they were far from the truth. Some of the shops even tried to tell him that puppy mills were no longer in existence. Of course, this was also a lie.

Puppy mills have yet to be shut down and continue to remain in existence. Since the man who was asking the questions happened to be an investigator for Companion Animal Protection Society, he knew that these people were misleading him. His undercover investigation certainly led to some disturbing discoveries. He had already seen the breeding facilities in question. He had even obtained recordings.

These facilities are responsible for supplying hundreds of dogs to pet shops all over the state of New York. A wide range of misrepresentations have taken place when it comes to these dogs. We are glad that someone is finally putting a stop to these types of behaviors. No animals deserve to live in these sorts of conditions and this is something that we should all feel very strongly about.

The results of the investigations have now been released to the general public. New York is now in the process of considering a ban for these types of pet stores. Maryland and California have already taken this crucial step. Pet shops should be working with local rescue organizations, as opposed to breeding animals who are forced to live in squalor.

This is the sort of decision that should be a true no brainer but there are a number of states that are not willing to consider it. With so many homeless animals out there in the world, we cannot believe that people are still looking for pets that are bred in substandard conditions. Please be sure to share this story with your closest friends and loved ones. Awareness must be raised about the plight of these animals!

h/t: TheDodo

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