Photo Of Shelter Dog Hugging Her BFF Went Viral And Ended Up Saving Both Of Their Lives

Sometimes, all it takes is a single photograph to change someone’s life forever. This is the story of two shelter dogs who recently experienced a life changing moment of their own. Kala and Keira found themselves living together at a shelter and the connection that they shared was immediate. They became fast friends, bonding with one another quickly.

The two dogs did not have very much time left. They were both residing in a high kill shelter. All it took was one photo to change their entire prognosis. Once the photo was taken and posted online, the good people at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue took notice. These dogs were hugging as if they had no other option left. As it turns out, this was not far from the truth.

The dogs were residing at the Etowah County Humane Society at the time. When the picture was posted, the dogs were actually slated to be euthanized the next day. A plea was offered, in hopes of saving the dogs’ lives. Angels Among Us did not have the space to take them but they knew that they could rely on their social media followers to help out.

Fortunately, this assumption was correct. The picture was also posted with a story about the dogs, letting everyone know just how close Kala and Keira had become. The post was a tearjerker and went viral right away. No one wanted to see these puppies separated. Applications began to roll in. It was not long before they were given the chance to head to foster care.

The animals had one more obstacle to overcome. They were diagnosed with parvo but were miraculously able to survive. Once their recovery was complete, they were finally ready to find their very own forever home. Wendy Newman and Pam Cody are best pals and roommates. Now, Kala and Keira will have mothers who love them and they will never be apart.

Sadly, Wendy and Pam had recently laid their own dogs to rest.

This is quite the twist of fate, isn’t it? We are glad that these new friends were all able to find each other. If you loved this story as much as we did, please be sure to pass it along to your closest friends and loved ones as soon as possible. We just wish more stories had happy endings like this one!

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