Photographer Took Pictures Of Dogs And Their Owners To Show How Much They Look Alike

It has often been said that people tend to start looking more like each other as they spend more time together. We often see this in married couples who have been together for decades. Some people claim it is because of the closeness they experience and others say it is because we tend to choose somebody with similar features to our own. Regardless of why it happens, the resemblance is often uncanny.

It seems as if this type of resemblance is not only between two people but it is also between people and the dogs in the family as well. Perhaps you have seen this at some time in the past when it seems as if the owner of a call dog looks practically identical to the dog by their side. That is the subject of this post. It shows 10 different portraits of pet owners posing by their dogs, not only side-by-side but also in much the same manner as their furry friends. The more you look at these pictures, the funnier they get and there is no doubt you will be convinced of the fact that there is more than a coincidence going on here.

#1 Benji & Harper (Schnoodle)

#2 Fran├žois & Antoine (French Bulldog)

#3 Harry & Hattie (Italian Spinone)

#4 Sergei & Spike (Siberian Husky)

#5 Henry & Hope (Afghan Hound)

#6 Jessica & Buddy (Bishon Frise)

#7 Cenk & Horst (Schnauzer)

#8 Elle And Yasmin Le Bon (Puli)

#9 Monica & Reggie (Chow Chow)

#10 Charlotte & Caspar (Chinese Crested)

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