Pit Bull Dumped Outside Animal Shelter And Left To Die In A Birdcage

This story unfolded in South Florida, where the good folks at Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation intervened when they saw a dog in need. While there are many who will avoid dogs in need and continue on with their lives, the truly special folks out there are willing to stop and help out. The pitbull in this story was not given a chance to live life and these workers wanted to help.

The dog was initially found in front of Oakland Park Animal Rescue. Someone had stuffed the animal inside of a bird cage and left them to die. The poor dog had not allowed the incident to affect her demeanor. She was still a total sweetheart. Sadly, she was covered in sores when she was first found. Her tail was also bloodied as a result of being stuffed inside of a cage.

The rescuers knew that they would have to help immediately. The poor girl was covered in mange and was not going to survive for long without help. From the looks of it, her past owners had bred her several times. Instead of taking proper care of her, they elected to toss her in the trash. We wish that we could have a stern word with these monsters.

We promiseā€¦.all we want to do is talk! The dog was renamed Birdie by her new friends and they set about the task of curing what ailed her. She was taken to the Royal Palm Veterinary Hospital for further assistance. They gave her the help that she needed for her litany of medical issues. The rescue group was also given a major break when it came to the cost of the bill.

She’s now resting up in foster care. As you might have imagined, she loves being able to spend time with people and is no longer confined to a stinking birdcage. We hope that this sweet baby is able to find a forever home real soon. If anyone deserves to enjoy a second chance in life, it is this awesome dog. She did not allow her ordeal to change her at all.

Rescuers were stunned to find such a sweet dog. Usually when animals are treated this poorly, they lose faith in people. This is one dog who has not lost the faith, though! Please be sure to share this awesome redemption story with your closest friends and loved ones today.

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