Pit Bull Found Tied To ‘No Dogs’ Sign With The Saddest Note

Folly Beach, South Carolina was the setting of this incredible story. It started off like so many others. An innocent dog had been left behind by the owners that were supposed to care for him. In fact, the animal had been tied to a “NO DOGS” sign on a popular walking trail and left out in the sun to fend for himself. His situation was looking dire.

Zanny the dog was left behind by his owners and the note that was attached to him was a heart breaker. The note stated that he was not the type to bite and that he simply needed a home. Tanya and her son Phin were out for a walk when they saw Zanny and they knew that they would need to intervene to keep the dog from potentially being burned by the hot sun.

Pet Helpers is a local organization that tries to help dogs who are in the same predicament as Zanny. Since he had no water to speak of, it would only be a matter of time before his dehydration became a major problem. The dog may have been in dire straits but he did not allow his situation to affect his demeanor. Tanya could not believe how sweet he was being.

He was very gentle towards her son and it was clear to see that his good manners had carried over from his past home. Once the rescuers arrived, they decided to rename him. Zanny became Folly and the search for a forever home was on. While he had developed a rash on his stomach during his stay outdoors, he was in remarkably great shape considering the circumstances.

The fact that he was so well taken care of in the past only serves to make us wonder why he was given away in the first place. If he had been forced to sit outside for much longer, who knows what would have happened next? He has needed a sizable amount of medical attention to get ready for his next home but he has not allowed his situation to slow him down.

Folly remains as enthusiastic as ever. The shelter will continue to take care of him in the meantime and he is going to be ready for adoption within weeks. He definitely deserves to find a forever home to call his own. We are more than willing to bet that he is going to locate one before too long.


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