Pit Bull Saved From Fighting Finds Comfort In Giant Bunny

Mindy is much like any other pet owner, in the sense that she worries a lot about how her animals are going to get along. When she first brought home her new rabbit, she did not know how her pit bull was going to take it. After all, pit bulls have a reputation for being somewhat disagreeable. She just wanted to make sure that Sophie the rabbit and Grace the pit bull were cool with each other.

While some may have been worried about these two spending so much time together, these worries turned out to be completely unfounded. The two are already the best of friends. Animals share a unique ability to relate to one another, no matter what species they are hanging out with. Humans could stand to learn a great deal from these animals and how they operate.

The connection that was shared between the two of them was instantaneous. It did not take long before they became totally inseparable. Sophie and Grace never wanted to be apart and wherever one of them went, the other one was sure to follow. Mindy says that it is essentially impossible for her to keep the two animals apart now.

Grace will even sit around and groom Sophie if she is allowed to do so. Rabbits and dogs are actually more inclined to get along than most realize. That is because they are both social creatures by nature. For a rabbit, being groomed is a serious sign of affection and as you can tell, Sophie is definitely all for it. No sibling rivalry to be found here!

While the rabbit is not much smaller than the pit bull at the moment, the rabbit is only going to grow larger throughout the course of her life. Sophie may weigh over 20 pounds one day. The average giant rabbit weighs in at around 15 pounds, however. Grace may have had a difficult start to her life but she has finally found her happy ending.

Sophie will also cuddle with her family members when given the chance. She and Grace are ready to enjoy a lifelong friendship and we are jealous of this family for getting to enjoy their antics on a daily basis. Please be sure to pass this awesome story along to your friends and loved ones. They deserve to enjoy these interactions just as much as we have.

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