Pit Bull That Was Afraid Of Men Falls In Love With His New Dad

There are too many people out there who view pitbulls as being overly scary animals. However, this breed feels the same sort of fear as any other dog would. Take the pitbull in this story, for instance. Pablo had gone through a lot throughout the course of his life. The trials and tribulations had made him very wary. He had been mistreated in the past.

Unfortunately, no one wanted to look past that. They just assumed that he was another mean pitbull who would never find a home. No one took the time to learn more about him. Judging a book by its cover is wrong but that did not stop people from doing so. Pablo’s prognosis seemed grim at first. Luckily, he met a nice couple that was ready to get to know him.

He could not believe his good luck. Finally, he would be able to spend time with a family that actually cared about him. While he was terrified of males, the new parents knew that he would get over it in time. He just needed to spend some time around a positive male figure who would be willing to treat him more nicely. That’s what makes this story such an amazingly special one.

When it comes to pitbulls, the number of people who are willing to take one home tends to be a small one. These folks allow their perceptions to be swayed by others. These parents, on the other hand? They were ready to spend time with Pablo. He had been mistreated in the past but there was still a kind and friendly dog who was waiting to come out.

He would just need some time to get acclimated to his new environment first. Pablo was not only receiving a new set of parents but he would also have the chance to spend time with a new brother. As you may have expected, he was not psyched to meet Manny at first. He was unsure of his intentions and did not know if his new brother would be kind.

If you would like to learn more Pablo’s awesome adventures with his new family, please be sure to check out the video below. You will love watching this relationship unfold and you will be hard pressed not to want to hug Pablo. Did you love this video as much as we did? Take a moment to pass it along as soon as possible!

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