Plan To Roundup 1,000 Wild Horses And Ship Them Off Draws Huge Backlash

Wild horses are some of the most impressive animals that are found roaming the American terrain today. Unfortunately, there are some who do not agree and one herd is being targeted in a particularly cruel manner. There is a plan in place to remove a specific herd of wild horses from the state of California and this plan is receiving a great deal of backlash.

At least 1,000 horses are expected to be corralled and shipped off to a new location. Modoc National Forest is their current home. There are over 4,000 wild horses residing at this location currently and the Devil’s Garden Plateau is where they run free. According to management, the area cannot support the sheer number of horses that are residing here.

The horses that are rounded up will then be put up for adoption. The Forest Service believes that this population is not good for the plant life in the area. There is not enough to go around and the animals have begun to compete with one another as a result. The American Wild Horse Campaign says that this information is misleading and that there are other animals who regularly graze in this area.

Animal lovers are obviously concerned about the future fate of the horses. If they are removed from this area and sold off, they could end up being killed, through no fault of their own. The horses are not going to go quietly into the night. Because they tend to sustain injuries when they are being removed from the land, this causes many of them to be placed in slaughterhouses.

The Forest Service is allowed to sell off these horses but the majority of government bureaus cannot. The horses that are put up for adoption can be had for a fee of $125 but the older horses that are not adopted will be sold off for a measly dollar. Animal rights groups are very concerned about the number of buyers who will simply ship the horses to places where they can be killed without breaking any laws.

The roundup is going to continue, despite the backlash. That is why we all need to take the time to share this story to raise the necessary awareness. There is no reason why these horses should not be allowed to enjoy all of the awesome benefits of this land and we hope that this cruel practice is stopped before it is too late.

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