Police Dog With Terminal Cancer Is Honored With Final Ride Through Town

When the Saugus Police Department announced that they were going to have to put one of their beloved K9 officers to sleep, people were understandably sad. Unfortunately, the dog had been diagnosed with an untreatable form of cancer. All they could do now is wait. K-9 Bruin has been a member of the department for some time now. The officers did not know what they would do without him.

He had spent eight years working alongside these officers. His brothers in blue knew that they had to commemorate his life in the best way that they knew how. So, they decided that they would give the officer one last ride through the town. They figured that the dog would have wanted it this way. Sadly, the animal was experiencing a lot of discomfort by the time the big day rolled around.

The officers were dedicated to making this day a special one. The officers also wanted to make sure that the dog knew how much he meant to them. He had dedicated his life to helping the community and now it was time for them to show him some love in return. The streets were lined with well wishers. Everyone wanted to give the dog a proper send off.

Even the neighboring police departments wanted to be involved with the dog’s last ride. The first responders were on the scene as well. They watched the dog’s ride with their hands over their hearts. This is definitely the right way to send off an officer. Bruin might be gone one day but he is never going to be forgotten in this community.

Officer Tim Fawcett is his caretaker and Tim’s family is also helping to make the dog’s final days as comfy as they possibly can. The family also put out a statement to the rest of the community, thanking them for all of their help. They have received an outpouring of support and they are truly grateful for all of the assistance that they have gotten.

If you would like to check out the awesome tribute video that was put together on Bruin’s behalf, be sure to click the link below. This dog’s service is never going to be forgotten and we are going to do everything in our power to keep his memory alive. We would like to take this time to send our condolences to his fellow officers and all of his loved ones.

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