Police Track Down Owner After Dog Cries Out Hoping To Be Freed From Scorching Hot Car

Now that summertime is upon us once again, it is time to talk about one of the more dangerously disturbing trends that tends to sweep the nation. Pet owners regularly leave their animals to suffer at times like these. They are stranded inside of hot cars and trucks on a shockingly regular basis. For the life of us, we do not know what possesses people to do such things.

It is important to pay close attention and make sure that these animals are not being victimized. Take the woman in this story, for instance. Tina is a resident of Golden, Colorado. She was out for a walk one day when she saw something truly terrifying. At first, all she could hear was the whining of a dog. Even her own dog was getting perturbed by the noises.

Eventually, she realized that the whining was coming from a specific location. She was not going to move on until she figured out exactly what was going on and we commend her for doing so. There are not a lot of people out there who would take the time out to help an animal that is not their own. When she saw what was taking place, her heart started to break.

A dog was trapped inside of a hot car and could not get out. The window was cracked but this was not enough air for the dog. The animal’s desperation was apparent to Tina. The temperatures were well into the 90’s that day. We cannot even begin to imagine just how hot that car must have been on the inside. A quick check of the car doors revealed that they were still locked.

Tina did not have any choice but to call the cops at this point. Deputy Kelly Fosler made her way to the dog, pried the door open and took the animal to a safe, shaded area. The officer told Tina that she could go home and that she would talk to the careless owner. Can you believe that the owner simply told the concerned officer that they did not care at all?

“You guys have nothing else to do other than harass people like me and my dog?,” the man shouted at Kelly. How can someone act like this when their animal’s life has been saved? She took the man’s license plate number down and turned him over to Animal Control. In our opinion, this man got off very easily for his atrocious behavior. Hopefully, the next owner who behaves this way is punished accordingly.

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