Poodle Cats Are So Fluffy And Cute That You’ll Want To Give Them Cuddles

In 1987 a feral cat gave birth to a litter of five kittens.  The Montana breeder notice that on kitten was distinctly different.  It’s coat was thicker and it had curly fur.

A cat with curly fur? How could this happen?

A spontaneous genetic mutation that makes curly hair a dominant trait.  The Selkirk Rex breed is different from the Devon Rex and the Cornish Rex because of it’s three layers of think fur.

Some call them the poodle cats because of their curly hair.  Look how adorable they are!


Others refer to them as the “cat in sheep’s clothing.” or ‘little lambs’.  Whatever you choose to call them, one thing we can agree to call them is cute!

No one can resist petting their soft, downy fur? In France, the common name for these cute little puff balls  is “mouton cat” or “sheep cat.”


And good new for people allergic to cats, this breed produces less dander than most of their relatives.

I have never seen a cat look this sweet and cuddly.  Have you?

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