Pottery Barn Is Set to Release a ‘Friends’ Collection

If you are a fan of Friends, you might want to clear out some of the furniture in your home. You will want the space because Pottery Barn has announced the release of a new collection based on your favorite sitcom.

The collection is inspired by “The One with the Apothecary Table.” That season six episode is the one where Rachel tries to decorate her apartment using Pottery Barn products. The problem is, Phoebe, her roommate hates Pottery Barn. There will be 14 products featured in the collection, including decorative accessories, furniture and textiles, according to PopSugar.

According to the official Instagram account of Pottery Barn, the line will be available in the store on July 30.

The post was captioned: “Could we BE any more excited? To celebrate the 25th anniversary of @friends, we brought back the beloved Apothecary Table (from the days of yore), along with a collection of Central Perk-worthy accents.”

You can expect to pay anywhere from $13 up to $1099, depending upon which piece you choose. It will include an apothecary table, just like the one in the show. I’m sure that is going to cost a little more than “one and fifty dollars”.

You will also find a number of enameled mugs, including some of the show’s catchphrases such as ‘You’re my lobster’.

Save aside some money to make your trip down to the Pottery Barn flea market store because it’s time to start decorating.

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