Rescue Dog Saves Dying Hummingbird’s Life, Now They’re Completely Inseparable

Rex the dog was residing in a shelter when he was found by a man named Ed. Ed instantly knew that Rex would be the perfect dog for him. However, the shelter had a warning for him. Rex was believed to be dangerous, in addition to feral. Since the dog had spent the majority of his life on the streets, he had gotten used to fending for himself.

He was able to hunt for his own food and he also had confrontations with other animals along the way. None of this was going to deter Ed from doing what was right, though. He took a chance and decided that he would bring Rex back home with him. The two became instant friends. They began to enjoy long walks together and also spent time playing Frisbee.

The two were out for a walk when the most amazing thing happened. Rex noticed that there was a hummingbird in need of their help. They stopped immediately, so that they could come to the animal’s aid. Initially, Ed thought that the hummingbird had already passed away. It sure did seem that way from his initial vantage point. The bird was unresponsive and covered in ants.

At long last, he noticed a faint breath coming from the hummingbird. He knew that they would need to assist her immediately. Hummer became her new name and she went back home with the boys. Ed got a major kick out of the way that Rex interacted with his new pal Hummer. This once feral dog now refused to leave the hummingbird alone.

He was not going to go anywhere until the bird’s injuries were fully mended. It took a few weeks but the hummingbird slowly started to regain her strength. Ed’s tireless efforts restored her health (with a little bit of help from Rex, of course). Even when she took swims in his water bowl, he was not bothered in the slightest.

Luckily for us, Ed took some videos of the two playing together and we cannot get enough. If you are anything like us, you will want to watch these videos over and over again. Eventually, Hummer is going to return to the wild from which she came. In the meantime, Ed and Rex are soaking up all of the awesome adventures that they can. We wish Hummer all of the best in her return.

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