Rescued Baby Cow Loves Sleeping In The Dog Bed

During a recent animal neglect investigation, a baby calf was found. This animal had clearly seen better days. She was sickly and had not been fed in ages.

She was going to need a new home if she was going to survive over the long haul. Carly Henry was not going to allow the calf to survive. She heard about the animal and knew that she had to intervene immediately.

“I was ready to adopt her,” says Carly. She really wanted a baby cow to call her own. This was her perfect chance to make that dream come true. Little did she know that she was allowing this baby calf’s dream to come true as well!

Carly wanted the love of a cow in her life. She had heard such good things from everyone else, so she could not resist when the opportunity presented itself.

We are glad that she intervened when she did. Without her help, this baby calf would have been in dire straits. There are not many people out there who are willing to adopt farm animals in need.

They are not exactly easy to keep as pets. At Carly’s Critter Camp, all animals are welcome, though. This is something that Carly has always prided herself on.

This sanctuary is located just outside of Austin. As a Texas resident, she knows the importance of making sure that our nation’s cows are well taken care of.

She’s rescued a wide range of animals throughout the course of her life. This baby calf was going to need a lot of care in order to survive. She would spend lots of time with Carly’s cats and dogs in the process.

Her husband would also be present but he was fine with the situation! She did need to do a little convincing but it did not take long. Once she showed him a picture of the baby calf and spoke about bottle feeding her, he was sold.

This is one supportive husband. Henry told her that she was crazy but that he was still willing to do it. What a guy!

The baby calf is now known as Tulip. She’s fitting in just fine at Carly’s home. She loves all of her new siblings very much. The calf even catches some Z’s in the dog’s beds!

h/t: TheDodo

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