Rescuers Were Appalled To Find Taped-Up Boxes Outside Shelter With Animals Inside

It was a normal weekday afternoon at Cass County Humane Society. A staffer received a call and they elected to take it outside, to minimize disturbance. When they walked outside, they saw the most startling thing. There were a set of boxes on the ground and they had all been taped up, too. What could possibly be inside of all of these boxes?

The staffer decided that they were going to find out. They went inside to ask the higher ups if they knew anything about these boxes. Cass County Humane Society’s executive director Amanda Lane said that the staff member was confused initially. “Our shelter manager went out and opened a box,” says Lane. What they found was absolutely appalling and we cannot believe that someone would have done this.

Since the shelter was open at the time, no one seemed to know why the boxes would have been left outside. Instead of bringing these animals inside where they could be helped more easily, the responsible parties simply left outside to fend for themselves. This is the sort of cruelty that truly makes us wonder. Kittens should not be left in such predicaments.

One box had the kittens. The second box contained the mother cat. An older kitten and an adult cat were found in the third box. Of course, all of these animals were very confused by what was taking place. It was 80 degrees outside when they were abandoned. They were left in the heat for at least 30 minutes. We shudder to think of what might have happened if this staffer did not step outside when they did.

The person who “packaged” them had left some air holes but this was not sufficient. The cats were struggling to breathe. They had no water to drink either. By the time the staffers freed them from these makeshift prisons, they were lucky to be alive. They were also sad and terrified. Once they cooled off, they were found to be in good health.

They have recovered from this awful ordeal and will soon be ready for adoption. Hopefully, they are able to find the forever homes that they deserve soon.

The Cass County Humane Society is currently over capacity, so if you’d like to adopt one of these cats or any of the shelter’s other amazing animals, you can contact the shelter for more information. 

Source: TheDodo

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