Restaurant Makes Controversial Decision And Bans Children Under 14

If you have spent any amount of time eating at a restaurant, you’ve probably run across a very difficult situation. It happens when unruly children seem to just take over the scene and it can be quite distracting. There is one German restaurant, Oma’s Küche, that has banned all children under the age of 14 from eating at their establishment after 5 PM.

The restaurant is located on Rubin Island and is known for great food and great service. Management decided to institute the new policy because of the frustration of some of their clients. The owner, Rudolf Markel made the decision after some unruly children damaged antiques in the restaurant.

Apparently, he had enough.

“We have been thinking about this for a very long time. There has to be a limit somewhere where we say: it’s just not possible.”

Markel realized that it was only a matter of time before such drastic measures needed to be taken. Before the children damaged the antiques, they were throwing around wineglasses, disturbing other customers and even pulling the tablecloths off of the tables.

Unfortunately, most of the parents tended to ignore the bad behavior in an attempt just to enjoy themselves. He knew that his policy is only aimed at lazy parents who do not control their children.

There are parents who try to keep their children under control and some do a good job of it. Others, however, let laziness rule the day and they just let their children run amok.

The decision of this restaurant is causing a lot of chatter online. Some say it is a good idea and others are not happy. Many other businesses in the area have supported the restaurant in their decision because they have to deal with the same issues. Others are not yet sure if they will welcome all guests and visitors or make the same choice.

According to a local government office, there may also be some legal issues due to discrimination against clients of a certain age. If patrons decide to sue for that reason, they may have the ability to do so. It may be a better idea if the offenders are simply asked to leave.

As it turns out, Oma’s Küche is not the first restaurant to put this type of ban in place. In fact, they’re popping up in many parts of the world, including Australia, New York City and Tampa. Some of the signs read “no kids” or “adults only” and they don’t specify hours. They are specifically for those who want a peaceful and quiet dining experience.

Not everybody who implements such a rule ban children outright. They may only put a restriction during certain times or under certain ages. Strollers and highchairs may be banned from the restaurant but if they adopt these policies, they can expect support from some parents and backlash from others.

It can be difficult to address this issue in a way that pleases everyone. If unruly children are ruining the night for everyone in the restaurant, what can be done to keep all visitors happy?

Parents have the choice of either taking control of their children, eating elsewhere or perhaps visiting the restaurant prior to 5 PM. Just like other restaurants, Oma’s Küche might move to create a quiet spot and that could lead to a spike in their business.

It has yet to be seen if they are doing the right thing or not. What is known is that it is a hot button issue and one that many parents love to argue over.

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