Ryan Reynolds Tries The Bottle Cap Challenge And It Goes Horribly Wrong

The latest viral challenge that is taking over social media feeds is people filming themselves kicking bottles. The so-called #bottlecapchallenge has roped in celebrities, with the latest one being Ryan Reynolds who tried and failed spectacularly.

The challenged originated in the MMA world, with those guys making it look extremely easy – hence why everybody’s trying it now.

When Ryan Reynolds gave it a go, it didn’t go according to plan. In the video, the gin take a scenic journey before it is put in position for him to take on the challenge without fear. However, the bottle goes flying.

Naturally, he happens to own the gin company, meaning he’s probably not short on bottles for a redo.

The idea behind the challenge is that you are supposed to be testing the accuracy of your skills, by being able to kick off the top of the bottle without knocking it over.  

While Reynolds may have been a fail, there are plenty of others who have completely nailed the challenge.

For example, Max Holloway. The Ultimate Fighting Championship featherweight champion absolutely crushed the challenge when he was challenged to it by fashion designer Errolson Hugh.

His video has had over two and a half million views in the last five days. He then challenged his friend and famous musician, John Mayer.

Mayer also did well, challenging Jason Statham. From there loads of other celebrities have joined in.

Conor McGregor used the challenge opportunity to promote his drinks brand Proper Whiskey.

There seems to be no signs of the challenge slowing down any time soon.

Oh, the joys of the internet.

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