Scarlet Fever Is Back, And You Need To Know The Signs

As a parent, the last thing that we ever want to see is a child that is not feeling well. All we want is for them to be healthy all of the time and it breaks our hearts to see our little ones under the weather. There is one particular illness that commonly strikes small children and it is making a major comeback. Now that cold and flu season is around the corner, it is time to take the proper precautions.

Scarlet fever affects children that are between the ages of 5 and 15. Parents who notice that their child is itchy or developing a rash will need to see a doctor immediately. Sore throats are also a sign of scarlet fever. These infections used to take place more regularly in the past but now that the proper medical advances have been made, it is not nearly as common as it once was.

There is a new strain that we need to remain vigilant about, though. This strain is far more aggressive than the past strains and has been on the rise for the past three years. The bacteria that is responsible for scarlet fever is also associated with strep throat. Children who are most prone to this bacteria are the most likely to be diagnosed with this illness.

The rash that children experience in these instances is often compared to a sunburn. If the scarlet fever is not treated immediately, the skin will begin to peel off after six days. Children who are experiencing scarlet fever also tend to experience high fevers, flushing of the face and swollen neck glands. Abdominal pain is another symptom that parents need to remain on the lookout for.

This fever is also contagious so be sure to keep the child away from all of their friends and siblings who happen to fall into the aforementioned group so that it does not have a chance to spread. The child’s toothbrush must also be separated from everyone’s else so that the scarlet fever does not spread. A ten day antibiotic treatment will have your little one feeling good as new.

Wait at least 24 hours after the symptoms have passed before sending the child back to school. Scarlet fever must be treated right away so that the child is not left susceptible to later issues. Organ damage can take place if the child is not given the proper medical treatment. Please pass this story along to all of the parents you know.


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