School Forces 5-Year-Old Girl To Change From A Dress To A T-Shirt Due To “Privacy” Concerns

A five-year-old kindergartner had to change her outfit at school because of privacy issues and her mother has detailed the experience online.

There was a recent warm up in the weather after a snowstorm, so the mother decided that her daughter should wear a sundress to school over a pair of blue jeans with a sweater. The little girl was excited because her grandmother had bought the dress for her.

Later that day, the mom went back to pick up her daughter from school and the little girl was wearing a T-shirt. She was told that her daughter was sent to the school nurse because she needed to cover up for privacy.

The mother was not interested in bashing the school but she did start a discussion about balancing her child’s body confidence with adult standards. She feels as if her daughter was being shamed and sexualized about parts of her body, such as her shoulders.

She went to ask why the outfit was appropriate and why her shoulder should be covered ‘for privacy’. She was also wondering why the school was focusing more on her sundress than her education. Most of all, she didn’t appreciate how the school made her daughter feel.

“She said, ‘I was told I had to put something on because I need privacy.’

“I then asked, ‘How did that make you feel when they told you that?’ She started bawling.

She was excited to wear that dress to school and show her friends and play in it on the playground.

She said to me, ‘I don’t know why they told me I couldn’t wear my dress. It was super embarrassing.’”

Most schools that have a dress code or uniform make the parents well aware of it. At times, there may be rules that are challenged as well. It is unknown if the school had a dress code but some commenters were wondering.

Some of the commenters were also saying how different language could be used when discussing this with the little girl. Perhaps they could have let her know how beautiful her dress was but that she wouldn’t be able to wear it to school. When you think of the fact that the little girl was only five years old, not taking her feelings into consideration would obviously make her cry.

Some also felt that a reminder note could’ve been sent home to the parents. Telling such a young girl that she needs to dress up seems a little bit out of line. Then again, spaghetti straps should not be an issue for a five-year-old.

The dress code continues to be a sore spot for many parents and it has led to numerous disagreements over what should be allowed and what should not be allowed. This mother wants her daughter to celebrate her body as it is and feels that the adults at the school are sending conflicting messages.

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