Schoolboy Punished For Having ‘Short Hair’ One Day After Being Told It Was Too Long

A schoolboy ended up in isolation because of a haircut. It seems as if they feel the cut was too short but the problem was, a teacher had told him the day before that it was too long. Sound confusing? Keep reading.

It happened when a teacher at the Great Yarmouth Charter Academy, in Norfolk, told Jonathan Soares, a 16-year-old student that his hair was too long and she advised him that he needed a haircut. To keep in line with the recommendation, he went down to the local barbershop and paid for a haircut. You would think that this would be the end of the story.

As it turns out, he went to school the following day and his teacher told him that his hair was cut too short.

Jonathan was put in isolation because of the haircut and he had to stay there for a week. In other words, he was working alone during that time, and Sophia, his mother, was worried about how it would impact his GCSEs.

Sophia, his 35-year-old mother had the following to say: “It’s ridiculous. It seems to me like they are making an example out of Jonathan.”

“I understand that they need to have the correct uniform and look smart but there are no patterns in it and it’s not an outrageous colour – it’s just a short back and sides.”

“In my eyes how he chooses to have his hair cut is up to him.”

Jonathan was blessed with naturally curly hair, so it does sometimes get out of control. He is concerned that his time in isolation may keep him from getting into East Norfolk Sixth Form College next year.

Sophia added: “You should not isolate a child for their haircut. A haircut does not stop you from learning.”

“He is not the only child in that school with that haircut either – it’s discrimination.”

“He’s not learning anything in isolation now so he might as well be at home.”

Inspiration Trust runs several schools across Suffolk and Norfolk. A spokesman for that organization said that both parents and pupils are aware of the rules and there are punishments if those rules are broken.

They said: “Great Yarmouth Charter Academy’s guidelines on uniform and appearance have been well publicised, and families and pupils are well aware of the school’s requirements around haircuts.”

“These are not difficult to follow, and if pupils choose to go against them they do so knowing the sanctions they are likely to face.”

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