Scientists Warn Of A ‘Polar Vortex’ Bringing The Harshest Winter In Years

If you live on the East Coast, you may be wondering if you are going to have a cold winter this year. The polar vortex may actually be bringing that to your area, including tons and tons of snow. It also promises to be a very cold winter and you might be wondering at this point, isn’t that what winter is all about?

Actually, yes and no. There is a polar vortex at both the North and South Pole that sits up in the stratosphere. The vortex is responsible for the low pressure and cold air that moves counterclockwise across the globe.

In the summer months, the vortex tends to get weaker and in the wintertime, it gets stronger. Anytime there is a disruption in the vortex, the wintertime conditions can get extreme. This doesn’t mean that it is absolutely certain to happen but meteorologists are predicting a cold pattern this winter that could be severe. That is, considering the possibility that the vortex could continue to weaken throughout the rest of December.

This is what will likely take place: The polar vortex will weaken, meaning it has enough strength to break through the wall that keeps the arctic air in place. Once that takes place, the cold air will be free and clear to navigate southward and cause the frigid temperatures that could last for weeks. It could also result in a lot of snow.

Meteorologists are going to keep an eye on it to see what happens but they do feel that January is likely to be very cold with lots of snow for the Eastern and Central United States. The vortex is not the only thing that controls the weather, it can also be affected by El Niño as well.

Right now, we’ll have to wait and see but don’t be surprised if January makes you wish it was spring already.


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