Senior Dog Left Crying At Shelter When Family Leave Her For Younger Pup

Animal shelters provide invaluable services to all of their communities. Those who have taken the time to visit the San Bernadino City Shelter have learned this lesson firsthand. Shelters like these do the sort of work that we wish we could do ourselves. They help stray animals find homes and they are also responsible for caring for them in the meantime.

No prejudices are held and every breed is treated the same. This is what makes this story such a sad one. A family recently agreed to pick up two dogs from the aforementioned shelter. One of them was a senior dog and one of them was a cute, little puppy. This family’s actions left the shelter workers stunned. Their cruelty knew no bounds.

Instead of taking both dogs with them, they decided that they were only going to take the cute puppy. They wanted no part of taking care of the senior dog. Cookie is an older cocker spaniel who simply wanted to find a quality home. Instead, she was left behind and in tears. She could not stand to see the younger dog head off to a forever home without her.

This betrayal made the staff feel awful. How could anyone do such a thing to an innocent dog that was in need of their help? In the words of one staff member, “She watched as the family drove away and left her to die”. No one is sure of Cookie’s exact age but she is believed to be somewhere between the ages of eight and ten. All she wants is to love and be loved in return.

Fortunately, the shelter was finally able to locate a great foster home for her. Cookie would not be left behind after all. The shelter also plans to continue assisting with her health care in the meantime. We are glad to see that someone was finally willing to step up to the plate. This heartbreaking tale has come to a relatively satisfying conclusion.

If you would like to learn more about the amazing story of Cookie, please be sure to take the time to check out the video below. Take a moment to share her story with your friends and loved ones as well. While this story certainly had a very sad beginning, we are happy to see that she is finally being taken care of. Every senior dog deserves to enjoy their twilight years in comfort and dignity.

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