Service Dog Visits Disney World With Mom And Does An Adorable Photo Shoot

Jessica Paulsen and Henry the service dog have been living together since 2017. These two have developed a very strong connection over the course of this time period. Jessica suffers from a condition that is known as postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. Because of this condition, she requires a great deal of physical therapy. He applies the deep pressure therapy that his mother needs and she is ever so grateful to him.

The animal utilizes his body weight as a means of raising Mom’s blood pressure. While most mothers would not want their animal to raise their blood pressure, Jessica is different.

When her blood pressure dips too low, she experiences a wide range of health related issues. Nausea episodes are common. She also faints on a regular basis when her blood pressure is too low.

Henry helps her with more than just therapy, though. He is sure to assist his mother with any number of household tasks. He picks up the house, pulls his mother where she needs to go and can even fetch her husband in a bunch. Simply put, he is indispensable. Jessica does not know where she would be without the help of Henry. He keeps her from having to exert too much energy.

Since he has been able to make his mother’s life so much easier, the two have become fast friends. They love to travel together. One of their favorite locations to visit is Disney World. Why wouldn’t these two pals love to spend time at the happiest place on Earth? They have already visited Disney World a whopping six times!

Henry needed to head down for some much needed training to help him be an even better service dog. He’s had four different training sessions at Disney World.

We wish that our jobs would require us to receive training at Disney World! “For a regular dog, Disney World would be a stressful environment,” says Jessica. She is sure to explain any and all questions to interested passerby, though.

This photo shoot is one for the ages. We cannot get enough of their connection. Henry’s willingness to put on all sorts of silly get ups makes it even more hilarious.

If you would like to see more awesome photos of these two, be sure to head to their joint Instagram page. Just be sure to clear out a few hours. You will definitely find yourself scrolling back as far as possible.

You can follow Henry and Jessica on their Instagram account

h/t: TheDodo

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