Shelter Dog Was So Afraid She Wouldn’t Leave Her Corner

The Fulton County Shelter is filled with dogs who spend their days trying to make eye contact with anyone that they can. They are looking for someone to take pity on them and provide them with a forever home. However, there is one special dog at this location who feels differently. Iris is not looking to make any kind of eye contact with anyone.

All she wants to do is sit in her corner. From the looks of it, it is as if she thinks she is becoming invisible. It breaks our heart to see her like this. She’s become used to surviving on her own and is not doing well at this new location. When she was first found, she had been residing on the Georgia streets for at least two years. Iris is quite used to fending for herself.

Laurel-Ann Dooley is the volunteer who took notice of Iris’ demeanor. Iris also has a pregnant sister named Daffodil. Laurel-Ann knew that someone would need to act quick if Iris was going to survive. It would not be long before the dog was unable to be saved. She took to Facebook to offer a plea to the general public and hoped for the best.

In the words of Dooley, there are no treats that are tempting to her and she was very little interest in eating. How sad is that? Even the most fearful dogs will usually perk up if they are being given a treat. Iris had been through too much over the course of her life to ever feel comfortable, though. BarkVille Dog Rescue saw the post and took in Daffodil but Iris was facing a tougher road.

Improvement this morning! Not only is she willing to eat, she’s willing to eat in front of me! She’ll take a couple of bites then hide for a minute, then come back for more. Giving her puppy food and canned food with sodium-free chicken broth for extra moisture. Hooray!

Posted by Iris’ Journey on Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Lin Rocke once worked as a vet tech and she understands how hard things can be for dogs like these. She asked her husband if they could take Iris in. Her husband said yes. According to Lin, “now his office is filled with dog stuff!” and we cannot stop laughing at the connection that this family has established. Iris is slowly expanding her horizons.

She feels comfortable enough to truly sleep when I’m touching her- and she’s even dreaming!

Posted by Iris’ Journey on Thursday, April 18, 2019

She’s also gravitated to the family’s other dog, Letty. Letty is a kind animal who is doing everything in her power to make sure that her new sibling is comfortable. Lin is hopeful that Iris will one day feel better about her new surroundings. In the meantime, those who wish to keep up with Iris and learn more about her amazing journey should check out her Facebook page!

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