Shelter Dogs Were Terrified During Storm So Rescuers Comfort Them In Bed

Anyone who has ever owned a dog of their own can definitely relate to this one. Seeing our dogs get all terrified during a storm may be chuckle worthy but it can also be very sad. Take the shelter dogs in this story, for instance. Dartmouth’s Homeward Bound City Pound was the setting for this touching tale. A snowstorm had been making the doggy population rather nervous.

Shanda Antle decided that she would be the one to help. Since the storm was slated to take place overnight, she elected to stay with the dogs and help them through it. This was also done as a precautionary measure. If the storm kept other volunteers from being able to come in the next day, Shanda would still be on hand to meet their basic needs.

Hawking was her cuddle buddy during the night. The two enjoyed a movie binge and would soon crawl into bed to call it a night. The shelter shared their adventure on their Facebook page and the post traveled like wildfire. The Canadian province where they reside might have getting pelted with winter precipitation but these two were as snug as a bug in a rug.

Hopefully, the popularity of the post will allow Hawking to find himself a forever home. He is considered to be one of the smartest dogs in the shelter. We are willing to bet that he would like to have another sleepover with his pal Shanda before it is all said and done. These dogs deserve the chance to cuddle in bed with their forever families.

Stories like these serve as a sad reminder of what shelter animals go through. While pet owners are able to soothe their four legged friends during these storms, what happens to all of the dogs that are residing in shelters? All of these animals are not lucky enough to have a Shanda that is willing to remain by their side during thick and thin.

Please share this story, so that these animals can finally locate the homes that they truly deserve. No animal should ever have to spend time alone when the weather is frightful. We would also like to take this opportunity to offer special kudos to Shanda for being so selfless. There are not many people out there who would have been willing to make the same sacrifice that she did. Please pass this story along, everyone!

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