Shelter ‘Marries’ Dogs That Have Bonded So People Have To Adopt Them Together

Jack and Diane are a classic couple. They have been through so much and they still find a way to remain happy. These two dogs were initially found together at a cemetery in Maine. From there, they were taken to the good folks at Kennebec Valley Humane Society. Unfortunately, the shelter workers were not able to find any family members who were willing to claim them.

The dogs have been forced to spend the last six months at the shelter. They are trying their hardest to make the best of it, though. Jack and Diane are grateful to have a home for the moment but they would much rather find a forever home. These dogs are a package deal and anyone who adopts them is going to have to take both. In fact, they even had a wedding to seal the deal.

The staff at Kennebec Valley Humane Society has been joking about how the two are actually an old married couple. They also wanted to promote the two dogs, so that more people would be willing to adopt them. The wedding idea essentially fell into their laps. The shelter was decorated beforehand and white flowers were used to set the mood on their special day.

Jack and Diane were happy to see all of the guests that came pouring in to share the big day with them. Diane was given a veil to wear and Jack got to put on a bow tie. He could not wait for his bride to come down the aisle. His excitement was too much to bear. Jack sprinted halfway down the aisle to say hello. The guests heard a few words about their awesome bond in the meantime.

From there, the “priest” decided to let the dogs show their love for each other in the best way they knew how. The two dogs teamed up to give him lots and lots of kisses. The reception was also a sight to behold. The staff threw a pizza party and the dogs were even given their own pepperoni slices to enjoy. The day was a whole lot of fun for all parties involved.

Now, we just hope that the couple is able to find the forever home that they deserve. They are inseparable and they are also one of the most adorable couples that we have ever seen, human or otherwise. Please be sure to contact this rescue team if you are willing to provide these animals with their very own forever home.

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